The RECAP pass-through test help you (and tech support) determining if your RECAP or your setup has any basic issues.

This test consists of leaving RECAP's output port disconnected while making a phone call. 

If you and the other party can hear each other, as if RECAP was not even there, than the test is a pass.

Step-by-step Test procedure:

  1. Plug RECAP in the device you'll be using to place the phone call.
  2. Connect the headset to RECAP
  3. Leave the RECAP output port disconnected (Unplug cable from RECAP)
  4. Make a phone call or Skype "Test Call"

If the test fail:

 - make sure you're not confusing RECAPs output port with the headset port.

 - verify connection is all the way in. If your phone has a case or cover you may need to remove cover so that connection can be properly made. 
 -  verify that headset is actually compatible with your phone. 

If test still fails, contact tech support. Indicate which phone (or other device) you're using to make the call.