Now you can see which RECAP is right for your recording needs. Here's a side-by-side product comparison 


Differences between RECAP Model S, S2 and C

Model S Model S2 Model C
Supported “record from” devices AHJ and OMTP [*] combo ports AHJ combo port AHJ combo port
Typical “record to”device PC, Voice Recorder PC, Voice Recorder  iOS/Android phone, tablet
Output connector 3 contacts (TRS) 3 contacts (TRS) 4 contacts (TRRS)
Output channels 2 (Stereo) 2 (Stereo) 1 (Mono)
Output type Standard PC Mic Standard PC Mic AHJ Combo
Availability No longer in production. For sale For sale

[*] Not sure what AHJ and OMTP is? Check out this article.