If you can’t find the info you're looking for, please open a support ticket.

Important: to expedite your support ticket resolution please include a detailed description of your issue as well as details such as:

  1. What's the RECAP Model you're having issues with? C, S or S2
  2. Phone make/model you're using to make the calls. Example: iPhone 5s, HTC One M8.
  3. Device make/model you're using to record phone calls. Example: Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad T420
  4. App or software you’re using to record the calls. Example: Audacity

Sound quality: If your issue is related with sound quality please attach sample recording to the ticket. Preferred format: MP3, WAV

Photo of Setup: it would be great if you send us a photo of your setup. That may tell our tech support what the problem is.